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FileSC ST SBC OBC Social Justice Dept Scholarship Announcement Notice for B.Tech....2021-11-18 00:55 20536k
FileAICTE Pragati Scholarship for B.Tech. Girls Students Notice Session 2021-22.pdf2021-11-16 16:14 1120k
FileAICTE Engineering Minority Scholarship Notice Session 2021-22.pdf2021-11-16 16:14 1260k
FileNotification related to AICTE-Pragati and Saksham Scholarship Schemes (Renewa...2021-11-16 16:13 732k
FileB.Tech. SpecialManagement Round Admission-2021.pdf2021-11-12 18:05 2524k
FileGuidelines and important instructions for Final Semester Online Examinations ...2021-09-11 01:00 1472k
FileGuidelines and important instructions for Final SemesterG��s (Main Back) Onl...2021-09-11 00:54 1472k
FileOnline Examination Guidelines and Instructions for Final Semseter's Students ...2021-09-04 20:58 664k
[IMG]IMG-20210813-WA0005.jpg2021-08-14 01:25 144k
[IMG]IMG-20210804-WA0005.jpg2021-08-04 21:24 152k
FileAdobe Scan Jul 22, 2021.pdf2021-07-22 23:29 232k
[IMG]IMG-20210620-WA0014.jpg2021-06-20 21:36 268k
File1623223377115_scan1641.pdf2021-06-09 18:19 884k
[IMG]img1.jpg2021-06-04 19:30 168k
FileLetter (2).pdf2021-05-07 19:01 956k
FileSchedule I-Sem-2021.pdf2021-04-06 21:22 2764k
FileDate Extend Letter.pdf2021-03-16 15:58 180k
[IMG]IMG_20210310_153521.jpg2021-03-11 17:56 128k
FileCamScanner 03-05-2021 15.28.23_1.pdf2021-03-08 21:35 296k
FileB.Tech III Semester Time Table_compressed.pdf2021-02-15 17:35 1688k
[IMG]IMG_20210205_204646.jpg2021-02-06 02:51 116k
FileSpecial exam intermediate semester 2019-20.pdf2021-01-26 18:17 1120k
FileSpecial exam final semester 2019-20.pdf2021-01-26 18:16 1156k
[IMG]IMG-20210112-WA0011.jpg2021-01-12 21:01 104k
FileScan2.pdf2021-01-12 01:12 276k
FileScan1.pdf2021-01-12 01:09 292k
FileIMG-20201217-WA0009.pdf2020-12-17 20:54 240k
[IMG]IMG-20201209-WA0001.jpg2020-12-10 00:27 136k
Fileexam postpond order.pdf2020-12-08 22:57 176k
[IMG]IMG-20201208-WA0001.jpg2020-12-08 16:13 76k
[IMG]IMG-20201203-WA0001.jpg2020-12-03 22:53 96k
File1606987368130_1606987351763_B.Tech. V Sem Exam TT Dec-2020.pdf2020-12-03 22:50 1944k
FileIndian constitution pledge .pdf2020-11-26 16:55 104k
FileAICTE scholarship scheme link.pdf2020-11-15 16:34 44k
[IMG]IMG-20201110-WA0004.jpg2020-11-11 01:04 104k
[IMG]IMG_20201103_204646.jpg2020-11-04 02:48 84k
FileCamScanner 11-03-2020 16.27.54_1.pdf2020-11-03 23:37 172k
FileAICTE Pragati Scholarship for B.Tech. Girls Students Notice Session 2020-21..pdf2020-11-01 00:31 348k
FileSCSTSBCOBC Social Justice Dept Scholarship Announcement Notice for B.Tech. Co...2020-10-28 21:36 208k
Fileoffcie order.pdf2020-10-28 17:26 424k
FileDegree Courses MinorityScholarship Session 2020-21.pdf2020-10-27 22:28 624k
FileDate-Extention-Fee-Schedule-26-10-2020.pdf2020-10-26 22:31 1240k
FileSC ST SBC OBC Social Justice Dept Scholarship Announcement Notice for BA BSC ...2020-10-26 21:30 288k
FileEngineering Minority Scholarship Session 2020-21.pdf2020-10-21 22:59 648k
FileGuideline for students for exam-2020.pdf2020-10-19 03:13 2668k
[IMG]guidelines for special round admisssion.jpg2020-10-18 02:04 180k
[IMG]special round notice.jpg2020-10-18 02:00 168k
[IMG]ScanImage01161.jpg2020-10-13 00:52 564k
FileStudents advisory.pdf2020-10-13 00:35 256k
FileFIT INDIA-16-9-2020.pdf2020-10-10 17:14 532k
FileAICTE Pragati and Saksham scholarship schemes.pdf2020-10-08 19:07 88k
[IMG]exam_centre_change_back.jpg2020-10-02 23:33 72k
[IMG]ScanImage01157.jpg2020-10-02 03:19 696k
[IMG]Highlights-GATE-2021.jpg2020-09-21 23:22 320k
[IMG]Poster-GATE-2021.jpg2020-09-21 23:22 1620k
[IMG]VII SEM Time Table.jpg2020-09-21 22:43 92k
FileGuidline for Students (RTU Even Sem.).pdf2020-09-12 00:45 232k
[IMG]guidelines for VIII sem exam.jpg2020-09-12 00:41 152k
FileRTU VIII SEM Exam Schedule - 2020.pdf2020-09-11 01:11 300k
FileBTU I Mid term schedule III & V SEM - 2020 .pdf2020-09-10 18:59 196k
[IMG]exam_centre_change.jpg2020-09-09 22:36 80k
Fileonline conducation.pdf2020-09-05 18:10 2224k
[IMG]RTU notice regarding remaining form filling of Even sem-2020.jpg2020-08-27 15:37 216k
FileBTU Back Imrovement exam Time table and Guidelines_.pdf2020-08-20 01:35 300k
FileRTU Back Imrovement exam Time table and Guidelines.pdf2020-08-11 15:20 424k
FileRevision of form filling last date.pdf2020-08-07 22:56 1124k
File1722-1725.pdf2020-08-07 22:51 188k
Filefees_letter.pdf2020-07-27 17:06 240k
FileChange in exam centre.pdf2020-07-04 15:11 32k
FileVIII sem B.Tech _ Rajasthan Technical University.pdf2020-06-25 00:55 1716k
FileGuidelines for Provisional Promotion in next Odd Semester.pdf2020-06-20 01:52 304k
Fileb.tech034.pdf2020-06-17 16:11 1452k
FileOffice Order 15-06-2020.pdf2020-06-17 16:07 184k
FileBranch Change Order.pdf2020-05-28 16:47 1096k
FileRevised Fees schedule for Even semster Exam - 2020.pdf2020-05-27 13:59 116k
FileOrder Exam forms Phase- II lockdown 3.0_B. Tech., BHMCT, B. Arch. & MCA.pdf2020-05-11 17:26 496k
FileRTU Notice for VI SEM Examination form Main-Back.pdf2020-04-29 20:08 192k
FileNotice for filling VIII SEM examination form.pdf2020-04-28 13:13 72k
FileList of students.pdf2020-04-26 19:16 488k
FileAdvisory_17-04-2020.pdf2020-04-26 13:45 288k
FileUniversity-Directions-for-Summer-Vacations-and-Industrial-Training.pdf2020-04-26 13:39 4620k
Fileoffice_order_exam_form.pdf2020-04-25 17:49 132k
FileREVALUATION AND COPY VIEW ORDER.pdf2020-04-19 18:16 56k
FileAdvisory by MHA, GoI, on ZOOM.pdf2020-04-19 18:15 628k
FileRTU notice for online conduction of Mid term test on Google Classroom.pdf2020-04-09 02:12 144k
FileMental Health and Well-Being of the Students.pdf2020-04-06 15:36 472k
FileScanImage01111.pdf2020-03-02 21:11 116k
FileOnline Exam Form Order.pdf2020-03-02 17:35 172k
Fileback exam form notice_I and III sem 2019.pdf2019-11-01 14:32 192k
FileIV sem Main-Back Reval Notice_2019.pdf2019-09-30 17:20 196k
FileBack Exam Form Notice_V-VII Sem-2019-20.pdf2019-09-24 19:26 204k
FileMinority Scholarship Notice Degree Courses-2019.pdf2019-09-24 19:20 872k
FileMinority Scholarship Notice Engineering Courses-2019.pdf2019-09-24 19:19 884k
File2-For Engineering Courses Govt. Social Justice Scholarship Student Notice Las...2019-09-06 17:16 2020k
File1-For Degree Courses Govt. Social Justice Scholarship Student Notice Last Dat...2019-09-06 17:16 1912k
FileT&P Fee Notice.pdf2019-03-13 18:53 192k
Filesport_.docx2019-02-13 19:31 72k
FileAICTE Pragati ScholarshiP-2017.pdf2018-05-25 14:36 528k
FileBack Exam Form Notice.pdf2018-02-20 20:04 340k
FileSCSTOBCSBC Scholarhip Guidlines 2017-18.pdf2018-01-03 19:06 316k
File21_09_2017_UPDATED_CLASS_TIME_TABLE_2017_2018.pdf2017-09-22 15:23 84k
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