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Governing Council Members

Prasan Chand Jain

Shri Prasanchand Jain

Managing Trustee

A commerce graduate, he is the eldest son of Mr Sugal Chand Jain. His career with lotteries began in 1987 and he played a vital role in managing and expanding the lottery business all over India.
He maintains a close association with all the business activities of the group and is a philanthropist in his own right. He is a dedicated trustee of Singhvi Charitable Trust, Jadavbai Nathmal Singhvi Trust, Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation and MITS.

Sugal Chand Jain

Shri N Sugalchand Jain

Founder Trustee / Educationist

As a young entrepreneur his foray in to the lottery business began in 1970.
After establishing the lottery business he diversified into other businesses as tourism, real estate development, jewelry and finance.
His philanthropic activities are also seen through the various trusts and foundations he has established all over the country.

Vinodh Kumar Jain

Shri Vinodh Kumar


A commerce graduate from Madras University, he is the youngest son of Mr Sugal Chand Jain. He is director of Sugal Tourism Development (P) Ltd., Sugal Finance Ltd., Sugal and Damani Finlease (P) Ltd, and many other group companies.
Associated with Jadavbai Nathmal Singhvi Jain Vidyalaya,Singhvi Charitable Trust,Jadavbai Nathmal Singhvi Trust and Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation.

Nanda Kishore

Shri Nanda Kishore

Shikha Jain

Mrs. Shikha Jain

Director MITS

Prof. Dr. Bhagwat S Shishodia

Principal MITS
Rajendra Bhansali

Shri Rajendra Bhansali

Associate Professor (Electronis, JNVU), Jodhpur
Shailesh Bhandari

Shri Shailesh Bhandari

Industrial Experts, Somi Conveyor Beltings
Manish Mehta

Shri Manish Mehta

Industrial Expert, Fortune Exports