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  • 28-Feb-2019
  • Cultural

MITS organized 3 Days SPO-CULT-TECH FEST "ZEST2K19" from 28 Feb to 02 Mar

ZEST 2k19 was organized from 28 th Feb 2019 to 2 nd March 2019 which included various sports, cultural and technical activities. Sports activity included Gully Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Badminton and Chess. Technical activities were Robo War, Code 2 Duo, Circuit Debugging, Building Fashion Telecast and Solve it. Cultural Activities were Thirak, Stylo, Arena of Superheroes, Enigma, Antakhsri and Meme Fest.<br>
The students were honored for their academic and nonacademic achievements including the winners and runner up of various events held during ZEST in the valedictory function. Finale was marked with DJ program.