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  • 24-Jan-2019
  • Industrial Visit
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MITS CE Dept organize an Industrial visit for IV semester students at - Om Ashram, Jadan on 24 Jan, 2019

One day Industrial Visit is organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, MITS, Jadan, Pali on 24th january 2019 at Om Ashram Jadan. In this visit the Students of B.Tech.IV Semester has gone through the practical experience of special aspect of building construction and management. In this visit students learnt about the different types of construction process of different types of building components at Om ashram construction site. mr. Rajesh Kumar Meghwal (assistant professor), mr. Hukam Singh(assistant professor),mr Sharwan patel, mr Sadam Husain went with 24 students at site where Project Director mr. Yogeshpuri ji maharaj explained complete process of construction and its different phases.