B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

Bachelor of Arts course requires a student to learn minimum 3 different subjects and select a combination of subjects suitable to their needs and interests. With options ranging from English Literature to Geography, a student can easily model his/her Bachelor of Arts course as per their future aspirations. Apart from two distinct English & Hindi Literatures, students opting for a Bachelor of Arts degree can learn basics of Economics, Geography, History, Political Science etc. These subjects combined together give students a clear understanding of how civilizations work and help in developing sought-after skills like critical thinking, communication and problem-solving. After completing BA, students can also pursue Masters in Arts, B.Ed., MBA, and other diploma courses.

These are a few popular career options available to BA Graduates who want to pursue their higher education. Apart from these, there are several other academic programmes in a variety of fields like

  • Civil services
  • Teaching
  • Hotel management
  • Event management
  • Journalism
  • Air-hostesses/Crew Members
  • Fashion Designing

And others, which Arts graduates, can join in order to build a rewarding and lucrative career.